“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”

-Bruce Lee

This second weekend back at school, and busy week ahead have proved that I need to work harder at finding the right balance between school time and play time.

I enjoyed a weekend of hanging out with friends and staying out too late. I believe though that these four years in college are meant for that. It is easier to go out and enjoy yourself, your friends and your age in college then after you graduate. While the first few years out of college will be a transition, it is typical you don’t party like you did then, or visit with friends quite as often as you grow. So I will forever be an advocate for having fun! I am the first one to suggest going out and will sometimes be the last one going home. If you have never experienced a college night out, I suggest you do at some point. It is a great way to relax and forget your worries as a student and young professional. Here, however, is where I will add a disclaimer: while you are out having fun, keep in mind that you do have your reputation to protect. I can go so far as to say you also are representing your school and the company you currently work for, it is important to them that their reputation stays intact too.

One of my best friends Becca and me before a night out!

While I am not using this blog to talk about my social life and nights on the town, I am using this weekend as an reference to the weekends ahead. Having an understanding that I want to use my weekends for fun is forcing me to put my school work and extra-curriculars in perspective. I have a busy week ahead, other then going to class, starting tonight with two meetings, two on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. I advocate using college years for fun, but more importantly we are here to learn and to shape who we are for where we want to be after graduation. I purposely scheduled my classes so they would be back to back and then I’d have plenty of time to study. So far I have not used that time so wisely. I have plans to go out Thursday and in celebration of my brothers 19th birthday again on Friday. Saturday is the first WVU football game! LET’S GO MOUNTAINEERS! We will be taking on the Thundering Herd of Marshall in the ‘Friends of Coal Bowl.’ Having an idea of where I want to spend my time later in the week, I know I have to use my free time in the beginning of the week to my advantage. I am currently on a break. I have finished class for today and returned home for lunch and relaxation. I will be meeting two friends for dinner at the Mountianlair (the student union), then have my meetings back to back and after that it is straight to the library for me! My goal today is to finish all my reading and assignments due for tomorrow. Lets just hope by the time I make it to the library I still have the energy to make it through. My motivation will be my immediate reward, going out this weekend and my long term goal of making dean’s list! Honestly, thinking about those two things, just made me that much more ready to tackle my work! I’m sure I will sleep well tonight!

How do you get yourself motivated to get your work done? What are your methods of madness?



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