Another school year begins…

I realize it has been a while since I last wrote. Now that school has started I hope to be writing more often.

The weeks leading up to WVU move in consisted of wrapping up my summer internship at B104, shopping for home and school supplies, as well as packing up my room. Things got pretty busy, really fast. Not only was I preparing to leave for school, both of my brothers were as well. This year is a big change for my family. Three of the four kids are off at college and the youngest, Kelly who is in 7th grade, is in the high school marching band. Consumed by practices, football games and competitions she will be pre-occupied not thinking too much about the big kids being away.

I started this year off moving into my first apartment! I absolutely love it! This is also the first year I am living on the downtown campus and not the evansdale campus. I no longer have to ride the PRT or rely on buses to get me to and from class. I have a short five to 10 minute walk, depending on my walking speed and the distance of my class building. It is such a great feeling not having to budget 30 to 45 minutes of travel just to ensure I make it to class. I also opted to have a random roommate and not live with any of my friends. My roommate is a freshman from Delaware and we get along great! I enjoy helping her out and she has said countless times she doesn’t know what she would do with out me. I can only hope that we continue our good relationship throughout the year. I have never had a bad roommate issue so if it happens I am not quite sure how I will deal with it.

Every year on the first night of class WVU hosts FallFest. This year I did not attend the concert as a guest but as an employee. This past Friday I interviewed with WVU Arts and Entertainment for a position as a guest services intern. Not a half hour after my interview I was granted the position and accepted. My first task as an intern was to help set- up and execute FallFest. I arrived to the Mountainlair, the WVU student union, around 3 p.m. after my classes. With my supervisor and other interns, we placed signs and set up bike rack guard rails all around the premises. At 5:30 p.m. we manned our stations and about 45 minutes later started letting in the masses. I was placed at the back entrance checking student ids, explaining where to get guest tickets and reminding patrons no bags or purses were allowed. Many guests were cooperative but some created hostile atmospheres when they didn’t like what I had to say. We started cleaning up towards the end of the concert around 12:45 a.m. and I was on my way home by 1:40 a.m. Needless to say, I survived and I am glad this event only happens once per year!

Today was my second day of class. I now have an idea of how much work each class requires and that I need to stay on my game if I want to make Dean’s List again. Ultimately I would love, for at least one semester, to make Presidents List and achieve that 4.0, but as long I reach that 3.5 or above I will be proud of myself. I picked up my text books today and am ready to hit the ground running! I have lots of energy from being dormant most of summer. I am hoping that energy will stay with me throughout the year and be that motivation I need to stay on track.

For those of you reading that have also started school or are starting soon, I wish you luck with all your endeavors and hope you have a good year!



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