Take a look at what’s in store

Hey Everyone!

I would like to take this post to welcome you to the crazy life of Shannon! Throughout following posts to ‘On The Real’ I plan to take you through my day to day, focusing on my most important endeavors.

This August I will be starting my junior year at West Virginia University and I am more then excited and also overwhelmed! I plan to make the most of this very pivotal year, molding myself into the professional that I aim to be while enjoying the nonsense of my last few college years. This year I will be involved in multiple organizations on campus including, Golden Key International Honour Society, of which I am Vice President, and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society, of which I am Secretary. I also have an internship as a Campus representative, with the position of Social Media rep, for Rent the Runway! I am more then excited to express my leadership abilities, gain experience as well as learn more about the organizations I am associated with, myself, and my career ideals.

Junior year marks my move into my very first apartment! I am ecstatic to be out of the dorms and more or less on my own. Having had issues with friends earlier last year when discussing living situations I currently do not know who my roommate will be. I can only hope it works out for the best like my freshman year random placement did! My mom and I have been shopping in and out of the house for supplies I can take to my new ‘home’. She has also provided me with my favorite recipes of hers that I can’t wait to share with my friends!

Family is a big part of my life and will be following me, in essential, come August. My brothers are twins, 19 years old and starting their freshman year of college this fall. Kevin will be attending Temple University, and Sean will be attending WVU with me! I am so very happy and anxious for them to begin! I wish them the best of luck and know that they can accomplish whatever they set their mind and heart to! It doesn’t end there, my sister, Kelly, will be venturing into 7th grade this year. This young lady surprises me with her love for learning and dedication to her interests everyday. She will be playing in the high school marching band this fall! I am so proud of her being one of, if not the youngest band member! I can only hope that I am being the best role model that I can be for her. Finally, my parents. I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without all of their love, support, guidance and advice. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me, for our entire family.

That is just a little bit about me and what you can expect to read about as you travel through a year as Shannon. I can tell you now it will be a bumpy ride but a ride I hope you enjoy and one I hope changes me, for the better.



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