“Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater.”

– Mary Manin Morrissey

As the summer winds down I am spending my last few weeks home volunteering and completing a summer internship.

This week I am volunteering with Vacation Bible School at my church, Trinity Lutheran. I am an assistant teacher to the Pre-K class. The kids are so cute and funny, definitely worth waking up before nine every day! I am sad though because of my work schedule I will not be able to attend again until this Friday, the last day. Volunteering at this type of venue is a  valuable experience because I have realized teaching is not my forte, at least not with young children. I enjoy playing with kids, having fun and teaching them essentials about life in a practical setting; but I don’t think I would be satisfied with my career if I was a teacher. However, I respect people who choose teaching as a career. It is hard work to prepare the lessons and then execute them in a way that will be enjoyable for the students. They also, I’m assuming, have much more patience then myself, something I am working on. As a mother of one my students also pointed out, experience with these three and four year olds will be beneficial come the time I decide to start having kids. I know I do want kids but that will not happen any time in the near future.

me as the Bee at Mayfair Concert 2012

I mentioned my work schedule above. I am employed as an un-paid intern at B104, a Clear Channel Communications radio station in the Lehigh Valley. This week we are preparing for the beginning of the last event of the summer, Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Currently I have neutral feelings about this 10 day event. Each of the four interns are scheduled to work 6 days plus set up and take down. I think it will be fun once I am there, but it will be tiring. One of the different tasks asked of the interns is to dress up as the B104 mascot, a bee. It is not the most glamourous of tasks but it is one I feel  humbles the intern position. Throughout the summer the Bee makes appearances at station events such as Pool and Park, Van hits, Mayfair concert and Musikfest. It does get extremely toasty in the suit which is not the most pleasant feeling, it’s also difficult to see and walk. Since the eyes are located in the front of the head you can only see directly in front of you. It’s a weird notion considering in the bee head you can turn your own head to the side but you are unable to see anything. The bee shoes are slipped on over your own shoes making your feet two times bigger then what you are used to. If not for the assistance of a ‘bee helper’ finding your way would be close to impossible. Perks of being the Bee are seeing how excited the listeners are, old and young, at its appearance. Everyone wants to take pictures with it and the kids always want to hug it. The most fun experience I had as the Bee was being in the suit and taking pictures with the artists who performed at Mayfair. Artists Chris Rene, Boys like Girls and Chiddy Bang all posed with the bee but had no idea who was in the suit. Boys like Girls were the most curious about who was under the mask, encouraging me to break the first rule of being a mascot, never take off your head when fans are around!

me in the Bee suit with band Boys like Girls

Another task asked of the interns is to contribute to the Mike and Steph in the Morning morning show. Every Wednesday morning the interns plug the Pool and Park event of the day during the eight a.m. hour. Along with the usual morning show contribution, and in the spirit of the Olympics the interns competed in the Mike and Steph Intern Games. Five events were recorded and one by one uploaded to the website. These events are not typical but were a lot of fun.

I am happy with my choice to intern at B104 this summer. The laid back yet professional atmosphere was the perfect segue from the college world to the business world. I believe I have made some good connections and will be sad to leave come August 13. I am grateful for the opportunity and all that I learned there. I am confident that I can take those lessons and apply them to my next position and further in life.



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